QuartzBuilder and 10.8.

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How does applications built with QuartzBuilder in 10.7. work in 10.8. Or does QuartzBuilder actually work within 10.8.?

In other words, do I dare to take a job that requires a fairly simple QuartzBuilder built application to work in 10.8., when I'm still running 10.7.? Unfortunately I don't have a Mac with 10.8. at hand at the moment and I wouldn't want to buy one just for testing before taking this small job.

So what are my chances, any experiences?

QuartzBuilder Drop File (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: MIT
Date: 2011.06.27
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

When you build this in QuartzBuilder, it will display the file path of the last file you "dropped" on the Viewer window.

One can use this as a means of loading files in a QuartzBuilder app.

QuartzBuilder Request

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Not sure what sort of stuff you have in the pipeline for QuartzBuilder, but I would absolutely adore inclusion of the Sparkle Framework for apps generated by Quartz Builder.


Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

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Short question, can I include a font in the resources? I've tried adding them trough the resource tab in QB. The final app does include them, but doesn't seem to use them.

Any suggestions?


Would like to see a product to export .Saver screensavers

I would like to see a new product that exports .Saver files, in a similar way that QuartzBuilder exports Applications. Pro of QB is that the QTZ file is not easily extractable from the package contents. I would like to see that in the Saverbuilder. And I would pay good money for this app!!!!!