Blending 3D Environments in Anaglyphic 3D

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Hi all.

I've hit a roadblock with anaglyphic (red/cyan) 3D visuals in QC. No doubt a collective groan is let out at the very mention of gimmicky 3D, but please bear with me!

The actual 3D effect works fine, in terms of X-axis offset of two 3D Spaces, and the red/cyan blend.

The problem I'm having is I can't figure out how to blend the two 3D Spaces WITHOUT using Render In Image (and twice, at that). Render In Image tends to cripple the frame rate on my machine, so any motion is jerky and destroys the 3D effect.

Is there a more efficient way of layer blending 3D objects?

I've attached a basic .qtz example- two Render In Image macros blended through an Anaglyph Blend patch. Both Render In Image is an ugly nest of Render In Image > 3D Space > Lighting > 3D objects, and that's where my computer is struggling.

My aim is for everything to sit inside one 3D Space. Each object within that Space would be duplicated with appropriate X-axis offset and red/cyan colour difference. However, here I'm not sure how to blend their overlaps with the appropriate effect - changing the Blend Mode of each object to 'Add' doesn't quite work.

...Wow, apologies for the wall of text guys - hope you can wade through it all, any suggestions or feedback will be greatly appreciated!