iniSphere release: sphere displacement effects for QC

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iniSphere is a Quartz Composer custom patch that renders a sphere with some particular effects, ideals for VJ and realtime performances. Get it here!

GLSL Sandbox

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Not directly QC related, but I'm sure some of you will love this :)

It's a site where you can create shaders in a browser with WebGL. The shader displays in the whole window (it just draws a single window-sized quad), with a code editor overlay for you to write your shader in. It provides a few uniforms for animation (time, mouse position + screen res), and you can save (it gets added to the gallery automatically, and there's versioning built in).

Current address (might change, not sure) is:

It's under heavy development still, so it'll probably improve loads. It was made by one mr. doob who I guess some of you will have heard of, if not you should look him up, he's done some really cool work :)

WebGL / Shader Toy

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It seems the web is about to get a lot cooler! Webkit, firefox and chrome now support WebGL (at least in the nightly/beta builds, if you enable it..) It's effectively accelerated opengl es 2.0, embedded in a browser. That means you can do full 3d, including shaders! \o/

If you want to play with it, you'll probably want to download the webkit nightly build from and enable it by running this in terminal:

defaults write WebKitWebGLEnabled -bool YES

Then why not have a play with 'shader toy' that IQ made:

He's even included a selection of 1kb/4kb demos in the presets :)