Delay Signal

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Has anybody been able to create a patch that functions as a delay for a signal?

Imagine pressing a key and the signal is delayed 1 second before arriving at the rendering patch. I know this is a classic action in computer science but I can't figure out how to cleanly delay the signal and allow for multiple signal to reside in wait.

Any tips are appreciated.

Spooky Patch Use and Consideration

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I've been using spooky extensively in a visual mixing program I've been making for Quartz. I want to reduce cabling and awkward patching by sending remote values to other location with porting values up and down, etc...

I was wondering if there were any special considerations like don't use over 512 of them, or make sure to toggle this off when sending this value, etc? I'll be sending video, color, float, string, all of em.

From what I gather, have the "auto-clean" feature enabled, and the spooky patch may really be just a pointer so it may in fact be a very lightweight option. This seems to be a good way to maker modules of patches that can be moved to different places and not need to be reconnected.

Thanks for any advice

Reset a numeric value to a default

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Can anybody think of a way to reset a numeric value to a definable default when a change node outputs a YES value?

Mathematical Expressions: Snapping to a value

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Hi guys,

I'm not so hot on my maths, can anyone explain how I might accomplish the following in QC?

I have a slider input from -0.8 to 0.8. However, I want the output to jump up in 0.2 increments. This could be achieved with the Mathematical Expression patch, right? I'm just not sure how to use MAX/MIN etc...