GL Polygon MOde not working with VDMX

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I am using Kineme 3d tools to load and rotate and object without issue. When I import the patch in VDMX it all works fine.

However, when I put all the sub layers into a Kineme GL Polygon Mode object it works in the QC patch but nothing is displayed in VDMX.

Is this a known issue or there is something I need to do to get this to work?

I have attached the QC patch and .fbx file to this.

vibrating vertices of 3d models and VDMX?

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I am new to using Kineme (and fairly new to QC for that matter).

I would like to import 3d models and then expose vertices to VDMX so they can then be vibrated by sources like sound.

So for example if I had a wireframe cube model, this model could then shake and deform based on stimulation (noise?) to it's vertices.

Is there any easy way to do this already?