DMX Colour from Grandma or other dmx lighting controller to VDMX

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I want to automaticly change the colours in vdmx when the Lightjockey changes the colours of the lights (true vdmx). So my visuals have the same coulours as the lights.

Is this possible?


Kineme GL tools tutorial

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Hey everyone

Just thought to let you know about my new tutorial.

Although I don't think a lot of the regulars here will see something new, it's for the most part about Kineme tools, so I'd thought you'd might be interested.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hiya from San Francisco

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Hi everybody! My name is Ryan and I'm a motion graphics artist and becoming a hardcore quartz convert with the help from everyone on this forum. I discovered Kineme3D and Quartz last year and just recently started getting heavily into it. ALL of my knowledge and inspiration has come from the people in this forum. I've been secretly stalking each of your webpages, vimeo pages and forum posts and decided it's time for me to come clean and introduce myself!

I'm currently working on a live show with VDMX and Quartz and always wanting to learn more and more! Also gradually working on a set of "tools" for helping After Effects and Cinema 4d artist use quartz.

Although I've recently taken down most of my mograph work to build a new site and include my realtime stuff it will be taking shape here:

http://www.rybotron.com (mostly mostly a blog right now but will be turning into my demo site)

and facebook:


Thanks and can't wait to chat with you guys!

VDMX/QC to lights via Enttec DMX USB Pro?

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I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a very simple lighting rig from my mac to a single light over an enttec dmx usb pro. Does anyone have any experience with this box? It's an ftdi thing, so I'm assuming artnet won't work, but I'm willing to try just about anything. I just need to be able to send midi and get this light to turn on and off.

sprite transparency

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hello everyone, I have asked this question some time ago in the vidvox forum. I might go into some details at explaining my problem again. I have an image of some birds sitting on a power line. I cut out the birds and saved them as a png file with a transparent background. I want to overlay them to original image. the final composition for vdmx should be able to zoom in to the "cut out-picture. thus, the birds will change size, while the rest of the picture remains just a still. the problem is quite simple: I want to overlay a png or psd file wit a transparent background. I have tried to change the blending of the sprite to OVER. and it doesn't work. Someone has sent me his qtz-file, which worked fine on his laptop, but not on mine. I don't understand why this happens. The only difference was the version of QC. On his system, her was running some older version. I am running QC 4 with snow leopard. Are there known issues with QC4 and snow leopard? Is there some way to go back to QC 3 (but keep snow leopard)? has anyone suggestions for how to solve this problem? best, moorooduc