GL Reel - [ 4 in 1] (Composition by cybero)

Author: cybero
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.12.18
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

This composition provides a simple help system using '/' and allows one to change the loaded composition using '.' .

The contents of the zip file should just be dropped straight into your ~/Library/Compositions folder, boot up iTunes, select GLReel from the drop down list and just hit that '.' key to switch your visuals.

The primary aim here was to create a set of compositions that closely replicated the currently problematic, OpenCL mesh based Aurora visualizer, these compositions could then be switched through using a simple key stroke.

I really like the Aurora example and this suite of compositions is as closely similar as I've managed to get non OpenCL based objects to function as well as that example does once it has been 'tamed' a little.

The great advantage with these is that although they require the installation of GL Tools that's it - they just run - and they don't leak memory or trip up over its own compiler - or whatever it is that OpenCL is mysteriously doing to great consternation in these quarters.

A tutorial follows shortly, but for the time being, do download and try out the utility and the associated files.

My idea here would be to enable you to switch through a large number of compositions without having them clutter up the iTunes menu with a long list of compositions.

Think maybe three or four of these having several particular compositions being loaded via ./qtz/File.qtz as file paths, all done without a menu list dropping below one's dock :-) .

Currently lacking the polish of an on screen list and a few other refinements, but it's the beginning of a better way of presenting iTunes visualizers for me.

The 4 accompanying visualisation compositions, CameraCosmos, ToyCosmos, AuroraWaves and AuroraGL, lend themselves well to being employed for their audio interactivity. AuroraGL is the closest replica of the oft vexing and crashing OpenCL Aurora. CameraCosmos seeks to replicate some of that early satellite shifty viewport [think clockwork camera], whilst ToyCosmos shows how all of that can be done smoothly.

Thanks to Kineme for GL Tools 1.4 with its outstanding GL Wave Structure patch and the updated support for meshes, the delivery of audio reactive objects like the Aurora audio generated OpenCL mesh bands has now become a distinct possibility.

Interestingly enough, although they all work AOK in the intended medium [iTunes with GLTools] , due no doubt to having been edited on 10.6.x, it is not reliably purposable now upon 10.5, so those wanting to study the examples as they really are shall have to do so in 10.6.x where the .qtz file will be faithfully restored for editing.

This , however, in no way stops a properly supported environment rendering these in either 10.5 or 10.6.

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