Kineme Quartz Composition Repository

Category: Interactive
Title Author Submitted
Freeboard revival dimitri 2014.03.18
angle&distance ale_pq 2014.03.03
DIP Switch Sala28 2013.10.16
Leap Motion plugin itsthejayj 2013.07.24
Worley Cellular Voronoi Noise gtoledo3 2013.04.06
BPM Tap Tempo wayna 2013.03.20
Settings Dialog with save and load params functionality jrs 2013.02.21
Interactive Mesh Warping for 3D projection mapping Scratchpole 2013.02.16
Julia3d mesh voxdeserti 2012.11.19
Evil Particle itaru 2012.10.12
Ordered Cue Stack lbk 2012.09.20
3D select Sala28 2012.08.26
CamShift Object Tracking Peter 2012.06.17
Kinect Awesome Line Drawer rybotron 2012.05.26
Bezier Iterate gtoledo3 2012.05.20
Facebook, Kinect and audio reactivity incubo 2012.05.08
sculpty gesture wip dust 2012.04.09
Interactive Particles for Kinect scalf 2012.03.05
Birds talking about birds sonostrano 2012.02.02
Kinect Slideshow lookitscook 2012.01.31
Blob Tracking Plugin (Carasuelo OpenCV 0.02a) benoitlahoz 2012.01.23
AUSampler Preset Patch dust 2012.01.20
Tons Of Spheres gtoledo3 2011.12.06
Theatre goes open source – Hope's Operetta incubo 2011.11.25
Frequency BPM OSC rbetin 2011.11.22
Mandelbrot in 3d psonice 2011.11.09
Chord Calculator photonal 2011.11.07
4-color Gradient jersmi 2011.11.05
Mandelbrot zoom psonice 2011.10.21
OpenCV Contours & Convex Hull 2 Structure plugin [DEPRECATED] benoitlahoz 2011.10.19
Dither Circles gtoledo3 2011.10.08
Voronoi Shader (Interactive - reworked from p_g) gtoledo3 2011.10.06
Pulse Multitouch (originally by Danguafer/Silexars, ported to work with Multitouch) gtoledo3 2011.10.05
Metablob Multitouch (Metablob original code by Adrian Boeing) gtoledo3 2011.10.04
line to sound iteration realtime 2011.09.30
Augmented dancin' jstrecker 2011.09.22
Reaction Diffusion gtoledo3 2011.08.21
face detector dust 2011.07.29
affine mesh transform macro dust 2011.07.28
Saving settings to a text file and restoring them. 2011.07.26
parallel painting dust 2011.07.22
Augmented Reality in OpenCL M.Oostrik 2011.07.21
Freeboard String Editor smokris 2011.07.07
QuartzBuilder Drop File gtoledo3 2011.06.27
cv tools hand tracking dust 2011.06.20
Onscreen Keyboard mattgolsen 2011.06.14
Audio Recorder Plugin dust 2011.06.06
Panel Plugin dust 2011.06.06
gui template dust 2011.06.06
viterbi plugin dust 2011.05.03