Ordered Cue Stack (Composition by lbk)

Author: lbk
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Date: 2012.09.21
Compatibility: 10.7
Required plugins:

I built this for a project where I would be sending my media off to be played in a live performance setting by an operator other that myself. The copyright stuff only makes sense in that context. The rest should be generally useful.

It is a simple linear cue stack with spacebar as "GO" button configured for a 6 cue show. Adding more cues is a matter of cut, paste, and connect the dots. The thought was that the final show version would be wrapped in a simple application via XCode or Quartz Builder to hold all the media within a custom application and keep away from prying (copyright infringing) eyes. The copyright stuff is a simple bit of logic where all you need do is change the second date (it's up to you to translate the Human readable date into Time Interval Since Reference Date number) to the day after the show closes on your contract and a watermark shows up over the video.

Obviously variants are easily customizable by substituting one or more Sprites for the Billboard to stretch across multiple screens, different "GO" buttons for different screens/Sprites, etc, etc.

Hopefully I commented the code clearly enough for it to make sense if it is not immediately obvious. You will need your own video files to test the QTZ file.

If you like it (or hate it) or make modifications I'd love to see(hear) what you do(think) with(about) it.

It was built in Lion using Quartz Composer 4.6 so may not read properly if you are on SL or earlier.



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Re: Ordered Cue Stack (Composition by lbk)

I think that this gets the prize for this week's most useful composition; it certainly gets my award of the week [for what that's worth •~].

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Ordered Cue Stack (Composition by lbk)

Glad you like it. Hope it's useful.