Interface: Slider & Buttons (Composition by scalf)

Author: scalf
License: Public Domain
Date: 2015.11.30
Compatibility: 10.10
Required plugins:

I have been using some simple interface stuff to control compositions.

I found a neat way to do it was with some modular pieces. This gives you control over their size and position easily. Also, using the spooky patches you can keep the interface all in one patch and use the spooky to send any signal anywhere in the comp.

I made two sliders - horizontal and vertical.

I also made two buttons- a toggle and a bang.

You will need the Spooky Plugins as well as the 1024_Selector Plugin. Running this on Quartz Composer 4.6, 32-bit mode, on Mac OSX 10.10

1024 Selector:

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Re: Interface: Slider & Buttons (Composition by scalf)

Can you please tell me, where can I get Spooky send/receive plugin running on 10.10? I tried to install this (, but there was no spooky patches in patch library in QC.