Kineme Quartz Composition Repository

Category: Test
Title Author Submitted
Interface: Slider & Buttons scalf 2015.11.30
Arduino Ultrasonic triggering of delayed mirror, explained leon 2015.06.17
lasco viewer dust 2014.05.23
nascom viewer dust 2014.05.23
Freeboard revival dimitri 2014.03.18
Starting Bang scalf 2014.01.14
DIP Switch Sala28 2013.10.16
Hit Test Grid Values gtoledo3 2013.09.07
OpenClooVision Project Volume One cybero 2013.08.23
libCL Image Filters cybero 2013.08.19
Leap Motion plugin benoitlahoz 2013.07.24
Settings Dialog with save and load params functionality jrs 2013.02.21
Metaballs Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
Pacman Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
core image points gtoledo3 2012.11.11
Raytrace Core Image gtoledo3 2012.11.11
CamShift Object Tracking Peter 2012.06.17
save xml plugin dust 2012.04.17
sculpty gesture wip dust 2012.04.09
Interactive Particles for Kinect scalf 2012.03.05
Birds talking about birds sonostrano 2012.02.02
Kinect Slideshow lookitscook 2012.01.31
AUSampler Preset Patch dust 2012.01.20
Cube Particle yone 2011.12.02
Google Voice Plugin dust 2011.11.18
Dither Circles gtoledo3 2011.10.08
Voronoi Shader (Interactive - reworked from p_g) gtoledo3 2011.10.06
line to sound iteration realtime 2011.09.30
chromadepth gtoledo3 2011.09.26
sleep sort noboko 2011.05.21
spring chain dust 2011.05.06
viterbi plugin dust 2011.05.03
Paul Bourke's attractors & geometries plugins benoitlahoz 2011.03.15
Google Maps: Static Map API smokris 2011.02.21
Particle Physics dust 2011.02.04
CI Normal Map_gtII gtoledo3 2011.01.24
JavaQCView dust 2011.01.16
OpenCL Boids M.Oostrik 2010.12.18
Find location of uniquely colored object jstrecker 2010.11.22
Video Interaction matthewalexande 2010.11.19
Interactive Destructible Terrain / Backyard Battle karp09 2010.11.17
Kineme 3D-Interactive Model Reel rmohler 2010.11.17
Javascript adaptation of Paul Bourke's Attractor (v.0.1) benoitlahoz 2010.11.17
OpenCL Depth Map / Texture Map Kernel gtoledo3 2010.11.16
Image Recognition dust 2010.10.24
Gravity Path and Boundary gtoledo3 2010.10.20
Gravity Swarm gtoledo3 2010.10.20
Gravitate And Boundary gtoledo3 2010.10.19
El Lissitzky Pong rmohler 2010.10.18
Palindrome (Mirrored Loop) Video Buffer benoitlahoz 2010.10.07