Kinect Gesture Recognition (Composition by scalf)

Author: scalf
License: (unknown)
Date: 2011.04.27
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

After fiddling with some Logic/Conditional patches in QC I was able to get the Kinect/Tryplex Toolkit combo to make use of gestures. The two included (Left/Right Swipe) are pretty simple, but great.

Please feel free to expand, I am sure a circle gesture wouldn't be too hard, nor a check mark.

Have fun, hope this helps!


Swiping for Tryplex.qtz606.11 KB

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Re: Kinect Gesture Recognition (Composition by scalf)

cool i have been messing with gestures and the kinect.

to embed your video you want to say....


replace "( with [ and )" with ].

your video.

i found doing specific gestures like handwriting with the kinect to be very difficult. there is this project you test with.

dollar gestures.

here is an early attempt using $ gestures. i'm able to draw a star no problem in 2d, but most the other gestures like the simple check mark you would think would be easy was very difficult.

then again i was trying this in 2d with my own tracking system so im sure with some smoothing a skeleton tryplex solution might work better.

interested to see skeleton tracking with gestures in qc. see if you can get the dollar gestures running. i'm thinking of making kalman filter plugin or something to smooth out things in regards to gestures.

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Re: Kinect Gesture Recognition (Composition by scalf)

Got the embedding trick, thanks for that!

Just downloaded the file, I am going to mess around with it this afternoon! Thanks for the connection!

I will let you know if I could get the $ sign to work