Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Author: smokris
License: MIT
Date: 2009.06.29
Compatibility: 10.5
Required plugins:

Two sets of particles with differing mass and initial velocity interact with each other using fourth-order repulsion forces. Vaguely in the style of the Pauli-Dyson-Lenard exclusion principle.

Requires ParticleTools 0.3 or later.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Dude, that's cool. I've seen a bunch of really hokie physics demos in flash. This really lifts the game, should have the uni lab people beating a path to your door.

No idea what fourth-order repulsion forces are but they look powerful.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Nice to see this one pop up. I remember being really impressed when I saw the clip.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Great work. Really love it. Thnx. Brings Quartz to the realms of behaviour studies.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

A clever piece of work to start my day off with. Interesting to see how the repulsion continues to work whilst one is altering the size multiplier or inputting a tweakable image generator to the VBO patch - like sunbeams generator. Thanks. :-)

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Thanks for your feedback, everyone!

By "fourth-order repulsion forces", I meant that the particles are Gravitate objects, with the DecayPower = -4.

The Gravitate object's force on other objects is computed as follows: Force = Magnitude / (Distance ^ DecayPower)

For normal Newtonian gravitation, DecayPower is 2, and this becomes the Inverse-square law.

In this case, with DecayPower set to -4, Gravitate objects repel each other, rather than attract, because the force becomes: Force = Magnitude * Distance ^ 4 ...and the Range is small, so that the forces don't get too out-of-hand.

This composition also serves as the inaugural composition of's new Composition Repository.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

Ok, I'm slow, and am only on one cup of coffee... is it possible to tag old stuff into the repository?

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

very interesting mr smorkis your taking it to the quantum level. defiantly going to book mark the repository.'s picture
Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

THX for ^-4 explanation. I've never conceptualised the weaker force in that way, cool.

On this side point: Sometimes when I'm in these threads I find myself wishing I could look to top/bottom/side of page and see what 'forum.subforum' the thread belongs to. Until you mentioned it, would have no way of knowing that this thread exists in a new 'forum'. Lots of implementation models I'm sure you're already aware of.

Just a humble suggestion, as far as forum hosting sites Kineme is one of my preferred but that thing and also search bug me sometimes. Apple Discussions forums has a great way for finding old threads allowing regular/advanced search arguments along with a filter by user-name, meaning you can search only your own/cwright/gtoleo posts which saves heaps of time IMO.

Repository is a great idea though. A librarian-bot can catalogue it one day!

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

forum stuff is a bit clunky because we're using really old software. we keep planning on upgrading, but we've not had time to seriously sit down and do it (and it looks like that'll continue for a little bit longer at least).

And that goes with search too -- in newer versions we can use lucene, which is significantly better than the current search.

regarding the repo -- we're eventually planning on some applications and plugins to integrate it for various purposes (showcases, clip/macro pallets, tutorials, etc). We want it to mature/get more populated before we really start breaking ground on that though.

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

You make that sound so understated Chris! "Oh yeah, we're planning on totally revolutionizing QC by allowing clips, compositions, from the web, etc to be pulled into QC or applications". Nonchalant! That is a killer idea for the Repository idea, and could allow for so many great ideas...

Stuff like Fenetres Volantes or Visigami comes to mind... but with qtz's as the actual source material.

A thought that comes to mind from that...

The thing about a technology like that (a plugin that could load virtual patches/qtz's/ etc, from the web), which comes to mind... or really any kind of souped up thing that could draw from the web with heavy/full functionality...

One could distribute an app with serial auth, that has a unique password where crucial content is hosted via website, enables a user to gain access to that site for media needed, and ancillary media stuff could also be in the qtz/qtz app. Not trying to get all secret/copyright voodoo on everything, but that is seemingly a very desirable route.

That could allow for an entertainment product... movie/music/video, qtz based, that could have cool update, organic growing capability. It would allow you to give one level away for free, and added function upon sign up or whatever (total rubbing on genie's lamp comments here).

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Re: Pauli-Dyson-Lenard Exclusion (Composition by smokris)

It is not possible.

But, seriously... The metadata differs between forum posts and repository entries, so it requires a little database tweaking. Not difficult though --- if you'd like me to convert certain forum threads into repository entries, email me links to the threads and I'll take care of it ---