VCR (Composition by smokris)

Author: smokris
License: MIT
Date: 2009.09.28
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

A basic five-function VCR: play, reset, pause, rewind, fastforward.

Example composition for Ohio University MDIA486.

VCR.qtz29.75 KB

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Re: VCR (Composition by smokris)

Nice setup.

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Re: VCR (Composition by smokris)

just works so well :-), really useful working proof of utility concept.

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Re: VCR (Composition by smokris)

Can you add a 'chew tape' function? Or simulate Macrovision copy-protection?



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Re: VCR (Composition by smokris)

I've done a whole bunch of effects that would work with this. Video noise, ghosting, distortion, even loss of h-sync. We could make a perfect simulated broken video recorder :)

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Re: VCR (Composition by smokris)

thats to funny a digital vcr, i wonder who long people will use vcr's for ? i can't use my self as an example because i don't even use my dvd player but i swear my mom still has the same tv and vcr she had 2 decades ago. i guess if its not broke don't fix it. seriously this is a good SL example of how to use the interaction feature. im still getting used to it. i find my self wanting to do interactions with things that do not have that interaction feature. can you point me to any documentation of how to use the interaction feature or how to put it into a plugin ?