QuartzBuilder Request

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Not sure what sort of stuff you have in the pipeline for QuartzBuilder, but I would absolutely adore inclusion of the Sparkle Framework for apps generated by Quartz Builder.


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Re: QuartzBuilder Request

That would be nice, download the 10.6.x, etc updated QB app on the fly :-).

Sparkle's a really great gift to any OS X Developer.

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Re: QuartzBuilder Request

sparkle's unfortunately no longer maintained (and hasn't been for a long time)

I can't speak for kineme, but from a technical point of view doing this is possible, but it'd require more user input when creating the app (to specify the app feed) -- these are subtle things that can go wrong if the user doesn't configure them correctly.

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Re: QuartzBuilder Request

Cool. I'm interested in QuartzBuilder doing Sparkle updates, too. We're evaluating that for the next QuartzBuilder release (tentatively scheduled within a month or two).

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Re: QuartzBuilder Request

For the record, QuartzBuilder is great. I'd love to build some apps for the App store using it and would love that to be possible.

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Re: QuartzBuilder Request

I'd love to see Quartz Builder and Quartz Crystal rolled into one app to build VFX-movie exporting apps that encrypt the .qtz file. As previously mentioned off list.