iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

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Some days ago I posted iniTree plugin, that allow to draw recursive ternary trees. Gtoledo suggested to rewrite the plugin as a provider. Asking the community what is the best way to output a structure from a QCplugin, I used the method suggested by dust, and the implemented iniTreeStructure, which is a iniTree plugin witch outputs vertices positions.


  • numDiv (1-3): how many branches will have your tree.
  • growDelay: how much time the tree branches will spend in growing/shrinking.
  • aperture: tree aperture.
  • add/remove level: add/remove tree level.


  • vertices: tree vertices positions. They are ordered so as to be rendered using GL_LINES, so if you attach this output to GL line structure and use line type Line segments, the output will be right.
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Re: iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

Thanks for sharing this ! Great job !

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Re: iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

That is simply beautiful. Brilliant plugin. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

nice one. pretty interesting. gl tools isn't running on my machine but i was able to swap out the gl structures for cl mesh creators and seems to run pretty well. had a few crashes but i think i was pushing the iteration count to high maybe.

nice share i actually think i might make a quick little render of some trees as the documentary I'm making for a class needs a trees of life, cell structures, and particle non locality graphics to go along with the osteopathic quantum physics principles of the doctor I'm filming.

i have been messing around looking at some various tree structures. like with turtle graphics and l system style tree fractals etc... was thinking about franz's plugin but this one is pretty cool to.

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Re: iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

Thank you Guys! :)

@ dust: Feel free to use this plugin, I'm curious to see the possible applications of iniTreeStructure you have in mind. Just let me know if you'll use it in something concrete.

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Re: iniTreeStructure (iniTree with vertices output)

Hi! LukeNEO! I thought that it could be interesting for you to make the same plug-in but with the 3d Julia set? Here's a simple realization