Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

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Short question, can I include a font in the resources? I've tried adding them trough the resource tab in QB. The final app does include them, but doesn't seem to use them.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

The Image with String patch loads fonts from the Library.

I would put the app and needed fonts in a dmg so that someone could drag the fonts over to the correct folder (with a readme). You could always setup an installer too.

I've run into this as well with custom fonts, and it would be convenient... I could see some probs too.

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Re: Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

Distributing fonts you may own for personal use is usually not covered by the font licence.

Worth noting I think. Font designers don't drive Porsches from what I have observed.

There are several locations OSX looks for fonts as you probably know. I think there is a way to set up a symbolic link to a font file to get it to load… can't remember exactly, sorry, perhaps a programmer can write a script for you to copy it over or point to it.

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Re: Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

Thanks guys, I think I'll go for the quick fix and make an installer that drop's everything in the right folders.

It would be a nice to have this added in a future version. Thanks for pointing out the licence issue, right now the app is just for a single installation piece, so it should be ok I think.

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Re: Quartzbuilder add font to resource?

Following up on this old feature request: support for loading bundled fonts was added in QuartzBuilder 1.3. You can drag fonts into the Resource Inspector.