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Release: KinemeCoreFramework, v20071110

Release Type: Beta
Version: 20071110
Release Notes

First independent release of KinemeCore Framework. Mostly QC Headers at this point, to simplify QC Custom Patch building.

This is included in KinemeCorePlugin 20071110, so you should only get this via automatic update, not manually.

KinemeCoreFramework-20071110.zip49.81 KB

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Good job :)

Are you slepping sometimes ? It seems to work well on PowerPC/Leopard. Love easter egg ! (System, editor, QT component, debug window...), as i'am a young jeidï in code i don't understand everything...any chance to have a short description of all the options ? Seaching options are really powerfull, what about keyboard shortcuts for them? (N,C,D or shift N,C,D)

However i don't see the glass function anywhere...PPC Issue ?

The screenshot you've posted about glass is interesting...can it have 0 % opacity ? do you think that it will be possible to make the viewer window floating in front of the editor ? Or/and (really mad :) : with QC in full screen mode, just the editor nodes in front of the output image ...;)

Best regards


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Kineme core/bug patch creator.

Little bug in the right back side of the patch creator ... impossible to change the window scale

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GUI hack...

Two versions for the kineme full screen mode...:)


version2.jpg149.28 KB
Version3.jpg183.4 KB

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Version 2 keeps the patch look the same, which is nice. We know how to override patch drawing (at least, we did it on Tiger, I'm pretty sure it's similar on Leopard). However, having them look different can make the interface more confusing. So I like that part of #2.

I Love the HUD window for the inspector/patch creator in Version 3. I was actually just thinking about that tonight while I was at a social event (it's sad that QC is in my thoughts all the time....) For those who don't know what HUD windows are, they're the ones that have a transparent black background, rounded corners, and usually white widgets. You'll find them in interface builder when you right click, and probably in a few other places. They look somewhat similar to the Inspector panel in Version 3 above.

[later edit: QC is also a document-based application. This means that there can be multiple compositions open at once. With this in mind, some of the illustrated fullscreen behaviour might be impractical.]

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You are totaly (cw)right

Version 3 is so far from the real version, you are totaly right. For sophisticated hud look at www.pixelmator.com, in this photoshop (lite) like, all the GUI is made of HUD. About your later edit : it is right, sometimes we have multiples compositions opened (for copy/paste mini-functions or to do versioning ) but in this case the desktop become confused.. So, if, with a simple shortcut we can get the current composition (editor+viewer) full screen, it will be usefull.


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leopard improvements

"sometimes we have multiples compositions" I found that using Spaces is reeally a great improvement, when playing with multiple comps. (Or when having QC + Xcode + IB + Safari all opened, each on a separate space...)

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Which window?

Which window doesn't allow you to change its scale? I can resize the editor, the viewer, and the patch creator windows. Haven't tried the inspector or any other panels/windows though.

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the bug disappeared or i'am tired...

That was just for the patch creator window, but the bug disappeared, or perhaps i was in "search with categorie" mode and it confused me. (in this case if you don't care and forget you are in "special K" searching mode the window seems to display the full list of patches...:)


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Glass mode

In the preferences window (Quartz Composer -> Preferences), you can set the background color. Normally, it ignores the alpha value. Glass Windows makes it honour the alpha. I find it way more usable that way, since I have a small screen to work with.

It can have 0% opacity (anything you configure). There's one annoying part though: with less than 5% opacity, mouse clicks go "through" the window into things behind them. This can be cool, but sometimes annoying too.

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Brief Description of Features

The KineneCore Plugin currently modifies the user interface to allow transparent editor window backgrounds.

It adds the "K" menu Item, which allows you do the following:

  • Show/Hide Private Patches — allows the patch creator to show or hide Apple's hidden patches
  • Snap To Grid — patches move in 25-pixel chunks to stay nicely aligned (actually, grid size/2 chunks. we can change the grid size too, if anyone has any ideas)
  • search with/without names, categories, and descriptions — allows arbitrary combinations of search criteria (I like name and category, but not description). The QC Patch creator dropdown, in contrast, only allows one at a time or all.
  • Transparent/Opaque Patch creator — causes the patch creator window to be 75% of 100% opaque.
  • Floating/Non-Floating patch creator — disabled patch creator's always-on-top behaviour
  • Duplicate Viewer — always greyed out (sorry!), but does include my tribute to Pierre as a tool tip ("This isn't possible")
  • Check for updates... — checks all qualifying plugins for upates (checks /Lib/Grap/QCPatches, /Lib/Grap/QCPlugins, ~/Lib/Grap/QCPatches, and ~/LibGrap/QCPlugins. Also checks for KinemeCore.framework updates).
  • About KinemeCore — shows a terribly lame dialog box... working on a better about box.

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And what about this ?

Thanks cwright for descriptions. But what about the egg easter option+preferences ? Is it your work or i'am David Vincent ?.....:)

(see attachments)


option_pref.jpg229.1 KB

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and those one...

QC image manager...

if i'am not david vincent you are "le Père Noël"...:)

(see attachments)


QC_Image_manager.jpg142.47 KB

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QC's defaults

The top left is the one in question. Note the background/grid color pickers. They've always been there (I didn't add them). They've also always allowed you to specify the color's alpha value (I didn't add that either).

What I Did add was QC's editor using the specified alpha value there, so that you can get real transparent editor windows. Before KinemeCore, it'd ignore the alpha setting and always be opaque.

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Twilight Zone..:)

Yes cwright i know QC preferences , i was talking about the 3 in the top right...have you ever seen them before ?


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I've not seen those.... I even explored the nibs and everything for some references to some of those settings.... some show up, others don't. Were those from beta builds? Top Secret Apple Version perhaps?

The nibs are totally devoid of those, so the shipped version of QC has no UI stuff to handle that (not a trivial hack to reimplement)

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no, but yes (?)

I just installed Leopard GM (9A581) + devtools, and the extra three tabs in parentheses do appear when I hold option and select "Preferences...".

(Yanomano's post about this is the first I've heard of it. Thanks, yanomano.)

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system options

hey, these are very interesting options.... esp. the SYSTEM options / and multithreaded OpenGL. Do you think these are settings persistent through compositions, and stay linked to the document when compiling under Xcode ? (i'll have to check this out)

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Floating viewer :)

I know this is not the first time I talk about that... Is there a simple way to stick the viewer window on front of the editor all the time. It will be a fabulous christmas gift !



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kineme core

This isn't difficult; I'll add it to the next beta of kineme core (it's long overdue.... sorry)

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Floating Viewer

Ok, I poked a bit at it tonight, and I've got Floating Viewer working. I'll have to post another KinemeCore beta sometime soon. So many new features...

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)