Unsupported — We cannot guarantee that this software will work properly on Mac OS 10.8 and above. Please be careful.

Release: Original Kineme Plugin, v0.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.2
Release Notes

This is a repost of smokris' original Kineme Plugin. It's only fitting to have it available here on kineme.net. Check out http://softpixel.com/~smokris/widgets/quartzComposer/kinemePlugins/ for more details.

This plugin is for Tiger only. You almost certainly don't want this plugin, and we almost certainly no longer support it.

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So is this plugin dead and forgotten for leopard users? I tried convincing it to run on x.5 without much luck. I'm really trying to get the Stringwithfile plugin running. If no one is maintaining this then is there source code available somewhere I could try to play around with?

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the Future

This plugin is being maintained, we're just separating it into different parts instead of one huge collection of patches. The midi parts, for example, have been repackaged and are available as a beta (there's a check box for this in your profile).

The source is not available for this one publicly, but I'll try to update the StringWithFile plugin for Leopard in the next day or two. Are there any other plugins from this collection that would help you in your quest? I'll try to get a few of the file-related ones...

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what just happened?

I'm sorry, I'm still catching my breath and trying to comprehend how quickly you just responded. Amazing! The file related ones are all that I'm looking for right now.

Again though, wow, thanks!

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Ok, I've released the initial beta of KinemeFileTools, which should work on both Tiger and Leopard. Please let me know how it goes :) If you haven't already checked the beta tester box, now would be a good time to do so :)

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midi note out in quartz on leopard?

Is it possible to send midi notes out?

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There's a MIDI Tools beta that works on Leopard to send midi note out (and CC out), among other things. Here's a link: http://kineme.net/MIDITools20071228beta

Please let me know if you have success or failure with this patch; there aren't many testers so I don't know if it's stable for a production release or not (I've not had problems with it, but I don't use midi much at all...)

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midi tools...

thanks. i don't see the patch in the patch creator. i am running 10.5.1 on 2.4g MBP w/ 2g ram i have a lot midi gear and I am trying to make an interface for a game controller to kick out midi notes and controller values.

any tricks to get the patch to load?

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Probably in the wrong path

put it in ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/not ~/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins/ -- our plugins use a different template than Apple's, so they have to go in a different directory.

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that did it. and the patch works great. I am on my way to building the game controlling midi app. I'll send it to you when i am done thanks so much!

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Re: yes

Hi, Midi tools doesn't work on Yosemite, is it possible to fix it ?

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Re: yes

glemoulant wrote:
Hi, Midi tools doesn't work on Yosemite, is it possible to fix it ?

The version on this page is for Tiger (OS X v10.4) only. You can get the latest version at http://kineme.net/MIDITools.

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)