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Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.2
Release Notes

This update to the WiiMote Control Patch fixes a bug where Quartz Composer would crash on startup if Bluetooth is disabled. This happens due to a bug in the DarWiinRemote framework, so the fix is simply a work-around at a higher level.

WiiMote Control Patch, v0.2 [ More info on this patch ] Universal Binary

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Leopard, Working with Work Around.

Hey, I have an unofficial version of v0.2 with nunchuck support, and I've found that I have been able to use the thing in Leopard.

At first, the Wiimote correctly pared with QC, but refused to update in the view. I managed to work around this problem, by creating an LFO, setting it to occilate between near zero values, then adding these values to the output of the Wiimote patch. This leads me to believe that the patch itself is working correctly, but is not sending the correct refresh signals to QC.

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Make sure the patch is attached to a consumer patch (a red patch). If that's already in place, try reconnecting. Sometimes it connects incompletely -- it's relatively unstable still...

As for "refresh signals" -- that's not quite how QC works :) Don't worry, when it connects fully, this patch works as expected (except for the classic controller)

[P.S. this is the tiger version -- if you got the 0.2 + nunchuk support version from http://softpixel.com/~cwright/programming/Quartz/, you should throw it out and get the Leopard public beta on this site somewhere -- the one you have is over a year old, and again, for Tiger only]

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Sprite/Billboard (at least) wont update w/out mouse movement

In Leopard, if I tie a particle patch to the wiimote, communication between the wiimote and the particle patch works fine. If, however, I tie it to a billboard or a sprite, nothing happens to them by default. I've found, though, that if I interact with the macbook's touchpad -while- Im moving the wiimote, the data from the wiimote comes through.

Any thoughts?

Actually, update: It needs some sort of other hardware interrupt it seems. When I tie webcam input to the sprite (instead of no image or a static image), the sprite gets continually updated by the wiimote.

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Post a sample composition that exhibits this, and I'll try to take a look when I'm working more on the WiiMote patch.

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Re: sample

I just haven't got that error anymore, anyway it was a composition with only the wiiMote patch, the error appeared just after the connection (which failed ). Thanks

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Re: Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2


i was working with the wiimote plug-in, but today i upgrated to Snow Leopard, and ofcourse it doesn't work.

Is there a way to install QC 10.4? Or when will the WiiMote work in snow leopard?

thanks subtiv

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Re: Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2

you absolutely do not want qc 10.4, for any reason whatsoever -- qc3 (with 10.5) is superior in every way.

You don't want to try installing QC3 on snow leopard because it's an OS-level framework, and 10.6 stuff that uses QC (Finder, quicklook, itunes, safari, photobooth, etc etc) might expect the 10.6 version, and will then fail.

You can try launching QC4 (10.6) in 32bit mode to see if the wiimote patch works. If not, there's no ETA on getting it 10.6-compatible.

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Re: Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2

I would also consider the alternative of using OSCulator with OSC in QC instead. Plus I think a new version of OSCulator came out that may support the advanced motion addon thingy.

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Re: Release: WiiMote Control, v0.2

I was also working with a programm called WiiToMidi, but it would be much easier when this whas all able to do within QC.

Is there anyone out there who has the WiiMote patch running on snowleopard?

Installation Instructions

Place the plugin file in
/Users/[you]/Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Patches/
(Create the folder if it doesn't already exist.)