Controller: Mouse

Patch Category: 
Patch Name: 
Patch First Appeared in Version: 
10.4 (Tiger)
Patch Description: 

The Mouse patch is used to get information about the mouse's location and button status. It supports 2 axes (X and Y), 3 buttons (Left, Right, Other), and 3 scroll axes (X, Y, and Z).

Patch Inputs: 

Reset Scroll: Resets the scroll offsets if integration is enabled.

Scroll Factor: Scales the scroll values.

Patch Outputs: 

X Position: The mouse's X Position, in QC Coordinates.

Y Position: The mouse's Y Position, in QC Coordinates.

Left Button: True when the Left mouse button is pressed.

Right Button: True when the Right mouse button is pressed.

Other Button: True when the Middle mouse button is pressed.

X Scroll: The X-Axis scroll amount (delta, or total of set to Integrate Scrolling mode.)

Y Scroll: The Y-Axis scroll amount.

Z Scroll: The Z-Axis scroll amount.