Is it SL Compatible or Broken (?), Plug-Ins / Patches - Discussion

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After some back and forth with Offonoll, it came to mind that a forum topic needed to be started which catalogues in one central location what does or doesn't work in QC4, Snow Leopard, that did work in QC3.

I'm not talking about aberrations in the app itself (like Editor or Viewer issues), but about issues with plug-ins and patches. I would also like this to apply to Apple "patches"; the stock ones, available via the the QC patch library interface.

(Do not devolve into discussing app bugs that involved the Editor or Viewer, focus of app windows, etc., if possible.)

It would be great if people could use this as a thread to gather all of this info into one place, for easy reference.

Some thoughts to keep this as constructive as possible:

-A plugin/patch may appear to work, but may have various functions or "sub-patches" that work improperly. That said, it's not always going to be a straightforward answer about whether a plugin or patch works or doesn't work. We will probably see many that work "overall" but with some lingering broken functionality.

-Please indicate if you are running QC in 32 bit mode of 64 bit mode.

Some plugins and patches will run fine in QC, when the QC app is run in 32 bit mode, but won't run in 64 bit. Find the app in your Developer folder, do a "get info" and check the 32 bit mode to run in 32 bit).

-Indicate what OS version you are running. ("Apple" logo on the menu bar/ "about this Mac".)

-Generality doesn't help, while specificity does. Be as specific as possible about what you were doing when something didn't work, and possibly include sample qtz's or other needed code.

No one shall write "yo, ___ doesn't work". Pretty please.

-This isn't explicitly about Kineme patches at all.

This is about ALL patches, mainly 3rd party, obscure and rare ones, Kineme or otherwise, but also function that is broken in Apple patches, if applicable. It would also be more productive if this wasn't only centered on what is broken, but also what has been vetted to work well; if something works perfectly in your estimation, please share that info.

Similarly, if anyone notes that any bugs can be mitigated by following certain steps (eg., it works when QC is run in 32 bit, but not 64 bit, or another plugin of feature has superseded the old one), please let that be known as well.

Let's try to keep new patches/features out of this, or it could simply turn into a discussion about OpenCL issues.

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Re: Is it SL Compatible or Broken (?), Plug-Ins / Patches - ...

I'm debating on whether or not this should get its own thread, but here goes:

There's been a really rare issue (only 2 or 3 reported cases) with Quartz Crystal (and QuartzBuilder prior to 1.2) on Snow Leopard on ATI X1600 GPUs -- specifically, errors (crashes/exits/failures) related to colorspace stuff.

Has anyone Successfully used QB 1.1, or QuartzCrystal on a first-gen MacBook Pro (1,1) (Core Duo, not Core2 Duo, ATI X1600 GPU)?

(I just had one of these up till a few days ago for testing, but didn't make the connection until just now)