Midi Tools?

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I was wondering what the deal was with midi tools. I see it mentioned various places over the internet and here but it seems to no longer exist. I was wondering firstly where I could download midi tools and secondly, if it would be possible to send and receive Midi Show Control messages from midi tools. I believe they are standard SysEx messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Midi Tools?

midi tools can be located under the Downloads section (click the large Downloads text at the top of the page).

I don't think it supports SysEx messages yet, but it has been a long time since I've looked at it so I could be mistaken. It probably also struggles in 64bit mode...

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Re: Midi Tools?

I must be going completely crazy, the only thing under Downloads that I see is "Safe Midi" is it part of that?

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Re: Midi Tools?

Goto 'myaccount' near the bottom left of this page. Then in the edit tab make sure your have the beta tester option ticked.

Now you'll be able to see Midi tools in the downloads section.

I did look into sysex MIDI a while back with no luck http://kineme.net/Discussion/DevelopingCompositions/SysexMIDImessages . However things may have changed since then