Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

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Does anyone at Kineme know if the Wacom Bamboo is usable with the multitouch patch?

I would like to be able to get touch input, but not have it also be an input device like the mouse/trackpad (which I would want to use as a control, not as a data input).

Any ideas if that is possible?

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

I've tried out the code from, which I believe most of the new multitouch patches/libraries are using, with a Wacom Bamboo to no avail. It doesn't transmit the touches in the same way the trackpad does - and it only allows 2 touches from what I could tell.

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

I was thinking the same thing as vade. I was trying to test out the multitouch patch, but found I couldn't test it without accidentally moving stuff around, triggering Exposé etc. Shame nobody currently makes a USB multitouch tablet. Except Wacom, of course, but theirs can only deal with two fingers, as far as I can tell.


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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

Hi Alex! I posted this last week, I am sure you could use it with a pen.

Good luck!

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

Oh, yeah, I saw those. Very nice. I'd be tempted, if I hadn't just bought a Novation Launchpad (Ableton live controller that looks like a cheap Monome) recently.


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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

Interesting.... I have a wacom around here, I'll have to hook it up. That's one of those products that I keep wanting to figure out something useful for! I've "recorded" text writing clips with it using a value historian, but other than that...

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

Here's a developer that is working on something that appears to be able to isolate user defined sections of the Magic Mouse. Maybe with some collaboration, something addressing both data input and controls could be arrived at?

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

yes i to had the same thought and did a few googles on bamboo touch hacks but nothing came up. i'm not sure how the new touch tablet works but when i put 2 of my tablets side by side my mouse freaks out, it has something to do with how the tablets works. those mimo monitors look very cool and says they are touch screen it doesn't specify multi-touch but if you go to the additional os x drivers web-site it says the company specializes in multi-touch and there is some sort of multi leveled licensing plan for getting coordinate data off of the mimo discontinued mimo. the newer pivot touch screen has a free driver but not sure about multi-touch etc.. yet. i have been using this for the trackpad multi-touch to get tuio into unity3d while im not at home. its like the new multi-touch kineme plugin but a cocoa app for tuio.

i just ordered some lasers to make a LLP multi-touch system of my own. i will let you know how it works when they come in. it seems aixis has a horrible shipping track record but they are quick to take the money but slow to ship ? i have a few portable CV laser IR touch solutions that i have drawn up waiting for the lasers.

there is a usb multi-touch IFSR sensor from touchco.

touchco is made with a 2 layers of conductive ink arrays that provide a pretty good touch, in the videos although our tests at the lab proved to be not as good as the video. registering touches about an inch or two from the edge do not seem to work.

the lemur is a really cool multi-touch device that connects with an ethernet cable. it comes with an awesome interface editor and builder. im very impressed with this system. wish i had one at home to play with for music because it has all the interface sliders, knobs, lists, and buttons you would ever need to interface into any digital DAW like ableton, logic, max msp etc... however it is way to expensive, and i'm not sure if anybody has made a hack for it that will let you run your own apps on the thing.

there is also the stantum controller that is well more expensive than the lemur but is customizable.

some other technologies that look promising is smart film ?

i don't know if any open GL guys on here is looking for a job but makes a touch cell that can be set up in a larger array for walled systems. anyways they are looking for a C++ openGL guy to help with building the development SDK. if you ask me their demos could use some QC.

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Re: Multitouch patch + Wacom Bamboo

Hi Vade, Do you find a way to use the "Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet" in QC ? Could you grab the "2 fingers" coordinates with the TabletPatch or the HIDPach ? I'm interested by using such a simple and low cost "2 fingers" Tablet in a new project. It could be really great to use the BambooTouch with QC ! Have you got some fresh news ?