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I am very new to QC and was hoping someone might have some advice. I am looking to use an audio input to control the SMPTE of a quicktime movie. i.e. as audio input increases, the movie progresses and when it decreases, the movie rewinds... Any thoughts as to how this would be possible in QC?

Any help much appreciated!

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Re: Audio input help

Welcome to the Kineme Boards, bturntable. A Movie Loader patch will get a QT movie into QC. From there you have a few options.

The most simple is to control-click on the patch and select External Timebase. Then you can feed a number into the movie patch to control the play head (as it were). Make your own maths/integrator/counter/interpolate macro to work out the number to feed into External Timebase. Pluging in a Patchtime patch into the External Timebase will result in normal playback speed starting at 0:00:00:00.

I've found the above method unsatisfactory and preferred to feed the movie into a queue patch to generate a structure of stills. Then I flick through the structure at whatever speed and direction I want by changing the index input on a structure by index patch. This gives smoother results in my experience.

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Re: Audio input help

If you are on 10.6.x , then you'll have to run this suggested workaround in 32 bit, but otherwise try Vade's v002 Movie Player plugin - it's got the configurability you want built in without the use of external timebase's.

The notion of queueing and shuffling through the queue index is a pretty good workaround, although what didn't get mentioned was that if you set the patch to asynchronous mode, see Settings panel Movie Importer patch, you'll get more direct time controls available, though getting them to really roll over and such isn't as straight forward as is the case with v002 Movie Player.

I shall leave the audio input calculations and .qtz construction for converting volume levels to playhead positions to yourself, bturntable :-)

See attached example , requires a v002 Movie Player, see site for that.

movieloaderexample.qtz5.36 KB

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Re: Audio input help

Many thanks for the advice!