Card Trick.

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here is a sneak peak at a developing composition.

so this is an example of interfacing quartz composer with the iphone via udp tcp socket xml strings. so this a screen shot locally but this works remote although its bet to play with a multi-touch table and iphone ipad. right now its just a standard card deck with no rules but there is both flash quartz composer, iphone, and ipad implementations so it is inherently multi-touch, & multi-player with various devices. right here i'm playing by myself.

this is in 3d but its only a top view as its intended for there to be a group multi-touch table and private mobile viewing for face down cards.

any idea on how to do a good shuffle in qc, random ? not random ?

i got some cool fan gestures that will eventually get into the working model.

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Re: Card Trick.


sorry the vimeo link has been marked private.

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Re: Card Trick.

Not shuffling but a neat JS patch that deals an outputted value to n players. It's actual a utility macro for distributing data to n sibling patches in a demo.

Dealing the cards to n players.qtz22.91 KB

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Re: Card Trick.

ooo. nice. i had to mark the video private as its a group project that i am helping out with. this looks cool i haven't got into any game logic as right now its just a deck of cards. but yeah this utility is cool, looks like you could use it for a few different things maybe to simulate players while testing or something.