contrast image extrusion

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hey, i'm new to qc and kineme - and well i just want to get something to work like every stupid newbie :)

so my question is: is it possible to extrude black areas of a high contrast image to an 3d object - which also could be manipulated by a noise patch?!

I'm looking for it for quite a while but maybe it's really simple and I just can't see the forest for the trees?!

I really would appreciate any hint or help!

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Re: contrast image extrusion

Here's one part of a potential solution to your problem.

My other suggestion, go to Apple's Developer site, register if you haven't already done so, student is entry level, download the QuartzComposer OpenCL code [] - look closely into the Text Extrusion example, especially the vertex displacement component.

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Re: contrast image extrusion

Thanks cybero,

I'm running OS 10.5 though - thought I could manage with the kineme 3d bundle - But as I added the tag - extrusion to my post I stumbled over the OpenCL video by gtoledo3 - I guess that's what you mean.

I accomplished something similar see attached file.

But I want to have smoother/precise outlines of the contrast image - like splines in a CAD program ( ).

My final goal is to have something looking like the image attached - created by a black spot of a high contrast image.

But first of all I'm going to update my osx.

Thanks again!

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Re: contrast image extrusion


I'm running OS 10.5 though

useful to know •~

in which case, Kineme 3D should be your friend, as it also would be on 10.6.x.

If I were you, if at all possible by all means update your OS but do retain a partition as a startup disk for 10.5.x, you'll find it ever so useful.

The attached example is based upon the RuttEtraSphere composition by Smokris, itself a derivation of and development upon Fisheye by cwright.

02 uses a facetize object patch and 03 doesn't

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Re: contrast image extrusion

sorry should have mentioned in the beginning. I updated now to 10.6, but because of lack of disk space I had to replace the old.

Thanks again! But I have difficulties to translate it to what I want still. I hope I'll manage it. Should be possible to link the diameter of the cylinder to a black spot of an image, and after that manipulate it like in your sample?!

I made a better sketch of what I exactly want. But maybe I have to try processing or vvvv?!

bild 2.png
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Re: contrast image extrusion

ok thats what i managed so far (see attachment) - but maybe with the help of the picture of my setup you can imagine what i want to achieve.

even though this thread is going down, maybe still somebody has a hint how i can get a cylinder exactly deformed to the outline of the black clay - which can then be manipulated?!


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