Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash with OpenCL ImageRead Mesh Imagery

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I came across a problem when creating a composition with the operation of the Composition Importer to provide a background in Lion.

This may have been noticed before now; the Composition Importer patch is meant to load "a Quartz composition from a Composition Repository identifier, a URL or file path, and allows to communicate with its inputs and outputs, if any".

It should look something like this - see image attached, but when incorporated as such, it conflicts with Mesh Images.

See attached example, works with a Clear patch, but not with a Composition Importer patch.

The same problem can also be created when using any Sprite patch as a colour background with an OpenCL ImageRead Mesh Image.

Static DAE meshes do not provoke the same clash at all

MeshMoviePanels.qtz84.38 KB
CompImportOne.png33.66 KB

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Re: Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash ...

& I discovered something of a workaround - see attached, exploits a GLSL Shader patch to provide the background gradient.

However, the failure of patches like Sprite, Gradient, Composition Importer when used as backgrounds to Mesh Imagery overlays is pretty disconcerting and would seem to show that there is a serious mismatch between the various patches betwixt generations of QC.

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Re: Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash ...

This has been reported... amazing that it works with a grid and shader. Huh. I guess that may be a side effect of the openGL/CL bridge that happens in QC. Weird.

I like CL, I think that it was able to shuffle around a good amount of info quickly in certain instances in QC and made it way more flexible, but crappy driver support and a seeming ambivalence in fixing even the initial bugs with the patches related to CL and QCMesh make me generally avoid it now, and not even just in QC. The Mesh Creator itself and the whole get/set patch system, and the way that works with CL is about as bad as something could possibly be in implementation and management.

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Re: Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash ...

I wonder if there is a real improvement in regards of driver support and bug fixes in ML. Time, and the final release shall surely tell.

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Re: Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash ...

I noticed this as well. my workaround has been to just use mesh renders to display images instead of sprites etc.. or if needed to use sprites in concatenation with mesh renders to throw everything inside a render in image patch.

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Re: Composition Importer & Sprite patch backgrounds clash ...

The all assets in an RII patch is another good workaround too. Works well with the Composition Importer patch. I had almost begun to think that it was totally broken !

Looking through some old SL compositions, I found some that used such a method, although I hadn't created them as such for the reason that provoked my recent search for workarounds.

Using the RII workaround with a Sprite inside does avoid the effect I've found with the GLSL workaround whereby the Mesh Image overlay shows the colour of the GLSL Grid through the Mesh Image layer.