QC Patch Xcode Template

Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Changes since version 0.5

  • Supports Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)
  • Provides source code for unofficial QC patch API
  • Provides source code for example patches

Known Issues

Warning: This is a private API. Apple does not allow apps created using private APIs to be sold in the App Store.

Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v0.6 beta

Release Type: Beta
Version: 0.6 beta
Release Notes

Pre-release of the next Xcode Template for Leopard.

Changes since 0.5:

  • Added omitted Image headers
  • Fixed a type typo in a seldom-used header
  • Rearranged project build order to save time on failed compiles
  • Added Quartz Composer executable like Apple's template for even faster build/test cycles
  • Added MIT Licence in German — feel free to submit other translations of this licence, the readme, or any other text you find :)

This package was also made entirely in Leopard's Package Maker, so it might be totally wrong. Please let us know.

Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v0.5

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.5
Release Notes

Create a new Xcode project with this template Updates in this release:

  • Added support for Leopard undocumented API.
  • Added native 64-bit support under Leopard.
  • Improved support for Tiger undocumented API.
  • Fixed build scripts to handle plugin names with spaces.

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Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v0.3

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.3
Release Notes

Create a new Xcode project with this template


  • Now defaults to building Universal Binaries.
  • Added several new headers and filled in numerous specific object types.

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Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v0.2

Release Type: Production
Version: 0.2
Release Notes


  • Rebuilt from scratch --- no longer depends on QCJP's work --- and, by extension, the Creative Commons "Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike" license. My Xcode Template, as of version 0.2, is released into the Public Domain. You are free to use it for whatever --- commercial or non-commercial.
  • QCJP's headers were replaced with headers assembled directly from the QuartzComposer framework --- now located in the QuartzComposer/ folder of the project. I've exported a few more headers than QCJP had constructed, so there's some added functionality (namely, image input/output ports).
  • The project now automatically assigns an icon to the patch bundle, and installs it in /Library/Graphics/Patches/ for you each time you build, for faster edit-build-test workflow.