Stand alone missing media on different computer

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I have been making some apps that I can use in multi computer installations. They need to be simple, real simple - playback control, video selection, syphon port selection, opacity interaction.

I am having difficulties when sending this to another computer. For instance, I'll have a video I want to play in the comp. After embedding it in Xcode as usual and testing on the 1st machine - it fails to load the video on the 2nd.

Similarly, the app will not play on the 2nd machine if the correct plugins are not also transferred over - such as syphon.

How can I ensure that the app will play? If you must drag over the media and plugins for every app that would be illogical. What is the appropriate way to transform a Quartz Comp into a "Truly Stand Alone App"?

DataTools -- No 'product' after Build Settings update for Xcode 4.3.2

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If one likes to build DataTools with Xcode 4.3.2 on 10.7.4, you are asked to update the build settings.

After doing so, DataTools do build sucessfully but there is no product, no plugin that should have been created.

Probably a simple settings change -- but which one?

Could anybody help me out?

Exporting Sound in Quartz Builder/xCode

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Hey everyone. I find this site incredibly helpful so thanks for existing on it. I have a couple of questions re: building standalone applications from Quartz Composer.

I've built a small music player for my band and would like to put it on a usb drive that we sell at our shows. Nothing too involved and the usb drive would have the MP3/WAV files on it too. Just something extra. The music player is working great in quartz composer but I'm stuck with how to export the audio so it's in the application. Can anyone give me some pointers or send me in the direction of some documentation regarding this?

Second, I know you can import quartz compositions into Dashcode for a safari web app. Does this mean we can use some quartz compositions on the web? Is this true and is it just for safari or does Dashcode make it HTML friendly?

Thanks again for this site. It's great.

xCode error on compilation

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I've been trying to get some OpenGL and GLSL stuff done as executables in xCode, whilst porting GLSL stuff back to QC's GLSL level of support.

When trying to compile Shader Maker from source [it's executable fails to stay loaded in OS X 10.7.x] I got the following error /bin/sh failed with exit code 22

Any ideas as to why that is happening and what can be done to rectify the problem? Just can't see the wood for the trees on this at present :-)

Release: QC Patch Xcode Template, v1.0

Release Type: Production
Version: 1.0
Release Notes

Changes since version 0.5

  • Supports Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)
  • Provides source code for unofficial QC patch API
  • Provides source code for example patches

Known Issues

Warning: This is a private API. Apple does not allow apps created using private APIs to be sold in the App Store.