Artnet Support for Isadora

I was told by the creator of Isadora, that Kineme was creating an Artnet Actor for Isadora. I would be very interested in this as that is how I would like to control that program.

Net-Lynx O/P with ArtDmx Sender 'blinking'?

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I wonder if anybody can help me? I'm using the ArtDmx Sender to output DMX to RGB LED lights via an Artistic Licence Net-Lynx O/P and I've had success using the IP subnet to send DMX values from a basic patch. Unfortunately the DMX sent to the light 'blinks' to a different set of values every 3-4 seconds causing the light to change colour for a few tenths of a second before returning to the correct values.

This even happens when the ArtDmx Sender is set to blackout.

Has anybody else experienced or solved this problem?

Could using the IP subnet instead possibly solve this?

ArtDMX receive to Midi or OSC. How?

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I am new to QC, but I have a decent understanding of Art-Net. How do I get from the ArtDMX receive to turning that data into OSC or Midi I can use in VDMX?

My christmas light grid

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Big shout out to Kineme for the hints and help to get my christmas lights grid going.. These animations are powered out of Quartz, using the Kineme audio patches etc..

Sorry about the Video quality, i need to figure out something smarter there!

I created the compositions in quartz, then rendered them using crystal quartz as a series of images. I downsampled them using imagemagik to a 16x10 PPM image, then used some very ugly perl scripts to read indivual rgb values, and create the xml files for a program called 'Vixen'.. Vixen is a light sequecing/playback software..

The 'pixels' are DMX controlled. ( )..

I started to wonder last night, if i could directly drive the pixels from quartz, using the Artnet-Tools.. Can i somehow 'sample' the image that quartz is generating ( in real time ) and output to dmx.. THe possiblitys for an interactive show, become very possible..

Any ideas welcome.

Artdmx - Receiver

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I've got some troubles with the artdmx receiver.

What I'm trying to do is basically control quartz from a grandMA console.

I've tried three different setups with different kind of hardware and software.

1st: grandMA -> Mac (Quartz) single ethernet cable. -Receiving artnet on the grandMA from Quartz, but unable to receive in Quartz. -Normally if the grandMA finds artnet nodes, it's displayed with an identifier ++ in the artnet configuration panel. I tried with an Catalyst Mediaserver I have on my mac as well, and it popped up.

2nd: grandMA onPC (software) -> Mac (Quartz) via switch and also connected to a MA lighting 2portNode to be able to send dmx parameters from the software. -Same as above. Able to receive from, but not send to quartz.

3rd: Hogpc -> dmx cable -> 2portNode set up as a artnet node with the input to 0:0 -> (Mac Quartz) -Unable to receive from the hog/2portnode interface. -Tested this in the Catalyst, and are receiving dmx and able to control the features of the catalyst.

So I guess there might be an issue with the receive patch?

Best regards Joakim