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GL Structure with XML

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Hello there, I am currently trying to use an XML to sent point information to the GL Point Structure patch. I somewhat cant get the structure right. Either the patch shows no point at all or all in the origin. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks. N

new GL tools

The GL tools are one of my favorite patches... unfortunately my compositions using the spline patch using v0.4 look a bit bitmapped when I installed the new version- I tried re inserting the (new) spline into the compositions and re connecting but it still have a jagged feel - the width and alpha dont seam to work with the patches I've made. I've had to reinstall the original. If anyone wants to have a look I'll forward on a patch I've been having problems with.

with the new GL tools installed this patch looks the line looks quite course and loses all the subtlety of the original. it seams much "solid" for want of another word - maybe something to do with the alpha perhaps~???

can anyone help on this??

there are a few things on the new version that look like best fun - but I dont fancy having to rebuild all of my previous work to take advantage of them

thanks for any comments / help / thoughts in advance

regards ~mark

QC Benchmarks

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Here some benchmarks for some generators in Quartz composer : Sprite - billboard - Apple Line - Kineme GLpoint, GLLine, GLSpline .

See the file.