glPolygonMode wireframe quads

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Hey, there used to be a Kineme patch to render wireframes in quad mode (Kineme GL Grid Renderer), but it seems to have disappeared recently? Is there a way to do this with a glsl shader?

Stereo anaglyph compositing tutorial

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I'm happy to finally release some of the CIfilter code I was working on earlier this year at Vectorform - compositing solutions for stereoscopic images! Covers the three main flavours of anaglyphic glasses; Anachrome (red/cyan), Trioscopic (green/magenta), and ColorCode (amber/blue). Minor controls for image alignment and colour contrast (customise mixing of red/green/blue channels to tune colour perception vs. retinal rivalry).

Tutorial – File downloads –

There are some example images too, so you should have all you need to test things out. Let me know what you think - it may not be the most ideal for realtime usage (like with Kineme GLtools), but still usable. Most of my work is for rendered output, so speed hasn't been my biggest concern. Should result in rather nice quality though!

Multi-Touch Musical Instrument Interface

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In this patch im making music based on the xy coordinate system. This territory is still unexplored but the brilliance of this type of interface is that you can not play a wrong note, which I believe gives the user or listener a much better experience. The QC patch is using the tuio protocol and some wicked tone burst sound flowers to visualize the audio spectrum that is being made by the cursors directions.

There are only three touches in this but I have mapped 2 instruments to each touch so there are a total of six instruments being played with all three touches. Im using Apples developer tools AU Lab, and Quartz composer with the concatenation of OSCulator to parse and distribute the OSC to MIDI signals needed to feedback the spectrum for the cursor touch visuals.

Im including the QC interface patch, the OSCulator patch, and Au lab Patch so you can experiment yourself.

You will more than likely need to load up some instruments into the AU lab slots from your /Library/Audio/Plug Ins/Components folder.

Also the AULab is set up to bus to soundflower for the recoding so if you see the vu meters working but don't here anything that is why. Go Au Lab preferences to change the Audio device that suites your needs.

This will most likely work in garage band but maybe not sound good because the instruments are split by midi channels. If you have QC you have Au Lab so you can just load up garage band components from your library into AU Lab so it will work the way it is supposed otherwise you will here have 24 midi notes being played on one instrument and i don't think that will sound very good but feel free to try garage band if you want.

New Alpha Blending mode

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New blending option in the Sprite/Billboard patch (Alpha)? Anyone worked out how to use it?

Only just noticed this morning.



QC 3.0(63) Framework 2.1(106.5)

what are kineme gl quad 'u' and 'v' values for?

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can anyone tell me what kineme gl quad 'u' and 'v' values are for? i can't seem to find reference to them.

thanks s