Midi triggering multiple cubes

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I have a cube that moves in one direction when i trigger it via a midi note. How can I get another cube to trigger from the note and repeat so i can have as many cubes folowing the same path as i want from one note?

A particle emiter would do this but i only seem to be able to emit a 2d square using kineme particle tools



Vusic - Experiments in live 3D

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Since Steve and Chris release particle tools 0.3 yesterday we though we'd post about the first stage of a new project we have been working on, showcasing our 'proof of concept' of real-time 3D for live musical performance.

We used a bunch of Kineme plugs (Particle tools, Kineme 3D, GL tools, Audio tools, Structure tools, Spookies, Value historian and Quartz Crystal). Big thanks to Kineme for adding the boids to particle tools for us :)


Click the link to check out the video on our site

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