Particle Tools

controling particles

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Hi, Im completely new in quartz composer and as my first project Im trying to make kinect controlled patch using particle tools, but my problem is that I have to force particles to stay on place (with bit buzzing move) and make smithing like dusty circle. (someone will move them by moving hands and making oscilater noise through max/msp) The problem is to force particles make some shape (emitter does not work). Tried to use particle cloud from 1024 but I can't make it work. Any help?

Basic flocking behavior question

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I am trying to get a handle on the Particle Tools and am having quite a rough time of it. Does anyone have a very simple QTZ or tutorial that simply shows how to get some number of objects onto the screen and flocking about?

There seems to be some hat trick I am missing. I can't keep the boids from flying off the screen never to be seen again.

The demos and sample projects I have seen are quite complex and while I would love to delve into them at some point, am currently interested in a much simpler base to work from.

Thanks in advance!

Particle Rain (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2010.09.29
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

This is a simple particle tools scene that makes something that looks like a rain fall. I've used it when wanting a scene to look like there is some rain going on somewhere; it doesn't seem especially taxing on my laptop.

Edit: If running with Snow Leopard, QC should be run in 32 bit mode. Do this by finding your Quartz Composer app in the Developer folder, performing a "get info", and checking off 32 bit mode.

Particle Tools, render&resolume help

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hi there I've just started playing around in qc and i have some silly questions. when I load a .jpg in particle tools there always is a black box around my image. I made the images in photoshop with several different background colors. I've tried different blending modes and face culling modes. (don't know what face culling accually does since I just started) What can do to just have the image slide over other instead of the black box?

Some compositions I made go to a different color when a load them in resolume. I noticed the spider button when i press that some of the patches start blinking red. that's a bad thing right? What can I do?

Thanks for your time

Particle Tools - Quartz Crystal Failed Render Syndrome

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I've just stumbled upon a couple of possibly related Audio Tools problems.

One - probably known about, but only apprehended by me since re-introducing myself to Particle Tools, as follows :-

Starting & stopping an Audio Tools offline render construct, see example attached, that feeds into a Particle Scene, will result in the audio failing on the second and subsequent triggering of the audio.

Two - although this construct - see posted to Repository, Particle Dance, works fine as an iTunes visualizer, it won't actually render as such in Quartz Crystal, repeatedly resulting in a Failed Render message.