audio reactive

OSC Web Dance 3 (Composition by Prack)

Author: Prack
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
Date: 2012.01.05
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:
Audio Tools, gl tools, qcOSC

OSC Web Dance 3 by PrackVJ aka Marcos Prack

With this comp you can control a differents meshes. You can rotate, change colors, and make some funny things. You need an IPod Touch, or an IPad running TouchOSC app, and some more things.

You need to download the zip file, they have the .dae files, a readme file and the TouchOSC files.

You need to install some patches from Kineme: the Kineme Audio Tools and the Kineme GL Tools. Additionally you need to install the Hexler's qcOSC plugin, you can found it at

This is an excersise I made for my vjing session, you can use it, and modify it as you want. You can change the .dae files if you like too.

If you have any question you can write me to:

mprack at gmail dot com

I'm not an expert, so, the composition could be better, if you can improve it, please, send me your file, I like to learn from you. Thanks a lot, and thanks to the QC community.


Emulating fog with quartz

Veiss's picture

Hello, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction or show me some examples of ways to create fog in quartz as I'm still kind of young with quartz knowledge. I'm envisioning fog that slowly moves around, and i want to have audio control the hue of it. I did notice the fog macro patch, but i haven't really got it to do much. I just have this idea in my head of what i want, but don't quite know how to get there. Hopefully someone can help, and i can learn something too. Thanks!

CL Kernel Deformer Example, Audio Reactive (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.09.05
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

This was something semi-fun, which I was messing around with during my morning coffee today....

Letter Noise (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: (unknown)
Date: 2009.08.17
Compatibility: 10.5
Required plugins:

This is a bit of a double post:

I'm posting a non-Value Historian version of this "Letter Noise" qtz that's based on Chris's sample for Freeboard, so that it can be pulled up from the Repository.

I think it's a neat twist on integrating audio reactivity and typography with one another. It needs Kineme3D as well as Freeboard to work.