Three Node.js

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Am I the only forum user here who's tried this?

I know I've mentioned it a few times. The fact that it's "Mr. Doob" (don't laugh!), makes me even more interested considering some of his great examples and work on the GLSL Sandbox editor.

I used it for only one day (yep!), but I was relatively compressed at the current robustness of the system, and some features.

It doesn't have that sweet, sweet, ability to get used as a resource in Xcode the way that a qtz file can in so many ways, but I'm sure there's some ways to integrate the node file that may not be occurring to me at the moment, or perhaps could get better with future iterations.

MouseGraph (Composition by .lov.)

Author: .lov.
License: MIT
Date: 2010.03.01
Compatibility: 10.5, 10.6
Required plugins:

A simple composition, draw lines like the mouse moves, draws a circle when mouse not moved after 1sec.

Inspired by:


Graph visualization

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Hi all,

I am a total newbie to quartz composer. Basically i wanted to read signals from the input port and plot the signal in the form of a rising graph where the axes remain constant. Although i have searched a lot, i am unable to find a simple graph data visualization in QC. I explored ACPlotter but it doesnt serve the purpose.. it just show an infinitely moving graph (axes not static). Cant i plot a simple graph within a predefined max and min for x axis? Please help out.. I am really stuck! Thanks (By the way, although core plot looked promising, i couldnt figure out how to use that library/ plugin in my QC application)