Away Walk

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I threw the James Gang's Walk Away in the sonic orange juicer, and made this qtz visual by feeding some footage of them playing on a webclip to QC.

Graph visualization

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Hi all,

I am a total newbie to quartz composer. Basically i wanted to read signals from the input port and plot the signal in the form of a rising graph where the axes remain constant. Although i have searched a lot, i am unable to find a simple graph data visualization in QC. I explored ACPlotter but it doesnt serve the purpose.. it just show an infinitely moving graph (axes not static). Cant i plot a simple graph within a predefined max and min for x axis? Please help out.. I am really stuck! Thanks (By the way, although core plot looked promising, i couldnt figure out how to use that library/ plugin in my QC application)

All aboard Spaceship Earth

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an electronic track, again utilising Kineme but using the vade rutta extra plugin as a particle system (PayPal donation paid! ;-) ...

Here the audio was analysed first (e.g. energy at 121 Hz; brightness) using Kyma to produce midi control data, which was then mapped onto various parameters such as extrusion amount, particle size etc. (This could also have been done in real-time, but my G5 is not really up to the demands I'm making on it).

a vading video

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a deep house track utilising Kineme + the very cool vade rutta extra plugin (PayPal donation on it's way this coming November! :) ...

Ambient music video with Kineme 3D

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an ambient electronic music track utilising Kineme 3D...

[updated audio track August 19th 2009; see post below]