Quartz Builder app loading feedback

It would be nice if a build app could give some feedback when loading. Sometimes some of my larger compositions build to an app have up to 10/20 seconds loading time, and while loading there is no visual feedback.

Either a standard progress bar, or even better some kind of definable 'splash screen' would be nice to have.

Movie Loader slowing down

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I saw this posting on the movie loader and works pretty well.

great tutorial on movie loader. http://vjkungfu.com/archive/new-movie-loader-in-quartz-composer-for-snow...

They mention about changing the rate to slow it down.
Does anyone know where in the javascript I could do that instead of jumping frames. Always giving credit.

function (__number position, __boolean reset) main (__number inputNumber[8], __number duration) { var result = new Object(); var slice = duration/8;

if(inputNumber[0]>0){ result.position = slice*1-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[1]>0){ result.position = slice*2-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[2]>0){ result.position = slice*3-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[3]>0){ result.position = slice*4-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[4]>0){ result.position = slice*5-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[5]>0){ result.position = slice*6-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[6]>0){ result.position = slice*7-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[7]>0){ result.position = slice*8-slice; result.reset = true; } else{ result.reset=false; }

return result; }