Movie Loader slowing down

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I saw this posting on the movie loader and works pretty well.

great tutorial on movie loader.

They mention about changing the rate to slow it down.
Does anyone know where in the javascript I could do that instead of jumping frames. Always giving credit.

function (__number position, __boolean reset) main (__number inputNumber[8], __number duration) { var result = new Object(); var slice = duration/8;

if(inputNumber[0]>0){ result.position = slice*1-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[1]>0){ result.position = slice*2-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[2]>0){ result.position = slice*3-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[3]>0){ result.position = slice*4-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[4]>0){ result.position = slice*5-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[5]>0){ result.position = slice*6-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[6]>0){ result.position = slice*7-slice; result.reset = true; } else

if(inputNumber[7]>0){ result.position = slice*8-slice; result.reset = true; } else{ result.reset=false; }

return result; }

Host Info Lag

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I ran into an interesting issue with the host info patch on SL, Just adding the patch to a blank composition takes in excess of 5 minutes, and thats just with the host info patch and nothing else (not even a sprite patch). Stopping and starting the patch also takes excess of 5 minutes. Can anyone out there provide any insight or confirm that this happens on their machines as well?