Hiya from San Francisco

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Hi everybody! My name is Ryan and I'm a motion graphics artist and becoming a hardcore quartz convert with the help from everyone on this forum. I discovered Kineme3D and Quartz last year and just recently started getting heavily into it. ALL of my knowledge and inspiration has come from the people in this forum. I've been secretly stalking each of your webpages, vimeo pages and forum posts and decided it's time for me to come clean and introduce myself!

I'm currently working on a live show with VDMX and Quartz and always wanting to learn more and more! Also gradually working on a set of "tools" for helping After Effects and Cinema 4d artist use quartz.

Although I've recently taken down most of my mograph work to build a new site and include my realtime stuff it will be taking shape here:

http://www.rybotron.com (mostly mostly a blog right now but will be turning into my demo site)

and facebook:


Thanks and can't wait to chat with you guys!