Get Mesh Output Port Tooltip Image/ Tooltip Stuff -Structure Tools

It would be convenient to be able to "get" the image that appears at the output of a mesh port tooltip, and be able to render that directly to a Billboard/Sprite, whatever.

The output of a mesh tooltip shows an image (aberrant for the data type), of a post transformed mesh (distinctly different from "get texture" which just removes grabs the texture from the pipeline).

I'm marking this is started/inactive since there's been previous discussion of supplying tooltip info in a structure, or getting namespace info. I'm tagging this as a structure tools thing.

I know that mesh port is "undocumented", but it seems like the mechanism that provides tooltip images is probably well documented... I just don't know if that can be transferred into a full resolution image.

Also, there are tons of "namespace" things that would be great to be able to grab from structures that aren't actually "part" of a structure, and we can't do anything to get at them for making logic decisions.