Mesh importer: Vertice count on Get Mesh Component

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Hi all. I'm importing a mesh from a .dae collada file type generated from an .obj in Meshlab. As you can see on the attached image, from the 3D modelling software and in Meshlab too I'm getting a vertex count of 34, but whenever I'm importing into Quartz Composer I'm getting a vertex count of 123 members. Does anybody have a clue why is this happening? How could a I just get the 34 members that I need from the Mesh importer? Thanks!

Kinect + dancing lines

Hi there, I'm trying to do a very well known interaction in QC. I want to use the kinect and a simple grid that moves or deforms following the movements of my hands/body. I did it using eMotion but as you know emotion is no very stable and I fell more confident using QC. The main problems is that I do not know what kind of surface/mesh or solid do I have to use and how can I link the X,Y and Z coordinates I got from the kinect to that surface/ mesh.

the first 25 seconds of this video can be very usefull to know what I'm trying to do... just simple horizontal lines that moves/deforms when the hand pass through...thank you for you help

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moving head mesh with webcam

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hi everyone, I've created a 3D model of an head with maya and i've imported it in QC. The idea is to make the head's eyes (but also the entire head) moving and following the movements of a spectator. It has to be like the head is always watching you no matter what movement you do. Which patches do I have to use?

I'm new with quartz composer, I've downloaded the CVTools plugin and I've found patches like motion detector, but i have non idea about how to use you have some tips, tutorials, links or everything useful for my project?

help me pls :) thank you

Polygon Cube w/o cross beam

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I am wondering how to render a cube without the diagonal cross section?

Did this somehow change recently? I have been able to do it before but it seems now that it comes standard with the diagonal cross section. I need to get rid of this for aesthetic reasons. How can I do this like as in the 1024 camera perspective example?

Render in Image and Iterator in Kineme 3D Object Rendered

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Hi community.

I recently started to learn QC for Vjing purposes, this forum is for me a great source of knowledge, thank you to all of you!

I attached a file with a patch I did with kineme 3d. Just a simple mesh from a dae file with a couple of effects and audio reaction.

The point is about the containers. I organize my qc "pipeline" in the following way:

Clear Patch with Trackball
   3D Transformation
      Replicate in Space
         All the other patches (3d Object loader and render// Audio Input // 3d Noise etc..

I'm wondering how create a container to all this witch it could output a image to keep adding more effects. How can I do it? Render in image? I saw in some of the compositions shared in the forum a patch called iterator witch contains other patches, but I can`t find it in the library!, I just find a iterator in a black box, not blue...

I guess I need some lessons about qc compositions structure...

All help will be appreciated!