Particle Tools - Quartz Crystal Failed Render Syndrome

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I've just stumbled upon a couple of possibly related Audio Tools problems.

One - probably known about, but only apprehended by me since re-introducing myself to Particle Tools, as follows :-

Starting & stopping an Audio Tools offline render construct, see example attached, that feeds into a Particle Scene, will result in the audio failing on the second and subsequent triggering of the audio.

Two - although this construct - see posted to Repository, Particle Dance, works fine as an iTunes visualizer, it won't actually render as such in Quartz Crystal, repeatedly resulting in a Failed Render message.

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Re: Particle Tools - Quartz Crystal Failed Render Syndrome

The file I promised to attach, that reproduces the aforementioned problem.

Post Script

Problem solved by changing the way the pipeline works so that Particles are loaded into composition form an associated composition - a copy of Particle Dance and then using an RII patch, output to Billboard, problem solved. Also a similar solution worked to overcome the same OpenCL render failure.

Knew there had to be a way to sort this.

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