Lion GLSL - Initial Black Empty Space Render?

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I am finding that GLSL shaders are sometimes cropping up as black prior to rendering properly upon being stopped and restarted in QC 4.5 in Lion.

Anyone else?

Find attached one GLSL shader that has done this.

Doubtless it is fine and dandy as GLSL goes, so I guess the problem lies elsewhere, outside of the shader code.

That said , most of the examples that I could throw into the example thread are like, or pretty much like, the one posted here, which is pretty generic in its code, being simply the default shader accompanied by some stock patches

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Re: Lion GLSL - Initial Black Empty Space Render?

Try again without a ? in the file name so we can download it ;)

That said, I've not had this issue, and almost all of my QC work is GLSL based. It fires up instantly. I'm just using standard patches + glsl shader + glsl grid, nothing else.

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Re: Lion GLSL - Initial Black Empty Space Render?

Second what psonice said about the question mark...

I've seen that happen sometimes, in SL, when a GLSL shader is inside of a lighting environment and the shadows are turned on. I've also seen it when happen sometimes inside of a Render In Image environment. Thirdly, I've seen it happen occasionally when a 3rd party plugin uses a shader in the code, and you place it in a shader environment. None of that stuff should cause problems, imo (well, maybe the shadow lighting?), but I'd look at that.

If it's just happening with the GLSL grid, and all the time... bummer!

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Re: Lion GLSL - Initial Black Empty Space Render?

Sorry about the filename issue; wasn't aware that such a name type caused such problems. Will avoid that in the future. Thanks to smokris for some nifty revising of the filename. Cheers.

Thanks also for the advice, psonice and gtoledo.

I think it was actually a product of the conjunction of a Repository composition patch, Glow, with one or two texture fed shaders that was really making for a problem.

Other such Composition Repository items don't cause such intermittent and not even reliably reproducible instances of the problem I reported of.

Glow does [sometimes].

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