Render in Image and Iterator in Kineme 3D Object Rendered

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Hi community.

I recently started to learn QC for Vjing purposes, this forum is for me a great source of knowledge, thank you to all of you!

I attached a file with a patch I did with kineme 3d. Just a simple mesh from a dae file with a couple of effects and audio reaction.

The point is about the containers. I organize my qc "pipeline" in the following way:

Clear Patch with Trackball
   3D Transformation
      Replicate in Space
         All the other patches (3d Object loader and render// Audio Input // 3d Noise etc..

I'm wondering how create a container to all this witch it could output a image to keep adding more effects. How can I do it? Render in image? I saw in some of the compositions shared in the forum a patch called iterator witch contains other patches, but I can`t find it in the library!, I just find a iterator in a black box, not blue...

I guess I need some lessons about qc compositions structure...

All help will be appreciated!


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Re: Render in Image and Iterator in Kineme 3D Object Rendered

Render in Image will definitely provide you with a means to render the primary animation and then you can apply filters and such to the resulting image output.

See attached example below based in part upon your original.

The one virtue that your .dae file has is its large number of vertices. Throw fewer vertices to describe the cube and you'll have far less action happening.

.dae files and Kineme 3D aren't always a good mix, mind though what once were seemingly 'perfect' .dae files in 10.6 have become unreliable even in stock applications like Preview.

.obj gives a more reliable result in Kineme 3D.

Regards Iterator, if you look in your Patch Library you'll see that patch listed and in the descriptor panel you'll likely see some examples with blue clickable links - open these and examine as study items would be my recommendation to you. The iterator patch is a macro container and won't really come to life until you place an Iterator Variables patch inside it and feed the iterated values through to x,y or z and also other positional inputs.

I'm not sure if you are wanting to create a mega grid of grids, if that is your primary aim then it can be achieved by various means.

Just added an Iterated example using your model.

riisupergrid.zip18.93 KB
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Re: Render in Image and Iterator in Kineme 3D Object Rendered

Thanks for the clarification!

I was learning about the iterators in the last two weeks, but I didn't know difference dad/obj files.

Anyway the composition you attached is really great, I'm willing to create something like this.