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Render in Image and Iterator in Kineme 3D Object Rendered

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Hi community.

I recently started to learn QC for Vjing purposes, this forum is for me a great source of knowledge, thank you to all of you!

I attached a file with a patch I did with kineme 3d. Just a simple mesh from a dae file with a couple of effects and audio reaction.

The point is about the containers. I organize my qc "pipeline" in the following way:

Clear Patch with Trackball
   3D Transformation
      Replicate in Space
         All the other patches (3d Object loader and render// Audio Input // 3d Noise etc..

I'm wondering how create a container to all this witch it could output a image to keep adding more effects. How can I do it? Render in image? I saw in some of the compositions shared in the forum a patch called iterator witch contains other patches, but I can`t find it in the library!, I just find a iterator in a black box, not blue...

I guess I need some lessons about qc compositions structure...

All help will be appreciated!


kineme 3d image input

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I need a bit of advice on using the image input on the k3d object renderer patch. I am trying to texture live video onto the faces of simple, low poly 3d objects (a pyramid for instance), of which I have modelled and loaded into the patch. Essentially I want to end up with the "front image","Left Image" type schema for the built in primitives but using my own models. When I feed the input an image it looks like it is just using a single pixel from the video as it just comes out as a solid colour. No amount of image resizing etc seems to change this. Is it because the faces are single polygons? My models are at 1,1,1 scale in the loader, and I can't seem to texture it in a manageable way. Help would be really appreciated. :)