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Quartz Builder problems!

Hello there! first off all thanks and amazing work off all the team keep on it!!

Buuut im having bug, i will try to explain all the process.

Im making an app with Quartz builder on macbook pro 10.7.4... and all goes fine. when i build de app and run on 10.7.4 and my old macbook 10.6.8 all goes fine. Buuuuut when i run the app on my 10.8.4 the app runs like middle. Middle os functions work well.

The app is some audio react compositions with on/off buttons.

Please i really need some support because i have to bulid this app for next 2 weeks!!!


Any chance of Data Tools being made 10.9 savy?

I know the policy on Mavericks and Kineme QC plugins vis a vis Vuo work taking priority. It's just that almost every comp I made in 2012 used Data Tool patches. Be great if I don't have to install another partition just to install 10.8.

Thanks. Alastair

video tools HAP codec support

Support for GPU accelerated hap playback, with alpha channel.


Artnet Support for Isadora

I was told by the creator of Isadora, that Kineme was creating an Artnet Actor for Isadora. I would be very interested in this as that is how I would like to control that program.

Quartz Builder app loading feedback

It would be nice if a build app could give some feedback when loading. Sometimes some of my larger compositions build to an app have up to 10/20 seconds loading time, and while loading there is no visual feedback.

Either a standard progress bar, or even better some kind of definable 'splash screen' would be nice to have.