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I've been lately seeking to get some good results using Meshes within Render in Image to then be further processed via v002 Rutt Extra. Although the input line shows a rendering image when RII is set to 2D [textured or not], the rendering of all imagery ceases at such a setting and can only be obtained using a Rectangle setting.

There seems to be a bit of incompatibility twixt GLSL Shaders and Mesh Renderers too, although I'm pretty sure I've discovered a quick and dirty workaround for that.

Please find attached the music visualizer protocol version. It employs the otherwise automatically jiggly mesh construction , v002 Rutt Extra & a .dae that I've also attached for completeness.

I'll be uploading the GLSL problem example later today :-) That one employs v002 Optical Flow.

I hasten to add that these compositions can be easily modified to work by means of not trying to 2D the RII or juxtaposing a Mesh Renderer anywhere near, above or to the side of a GLSL Shader patch.


As it happens the GLSL problem seems to be entirely dependent upon the kind of shader that is employed to reproduce the problem referred to as I now have textured Meshes via GLSL shading

GL Tools v1.4

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Excellent release of GL Tools v1.4! Thanks so very much!

Regarding the example compositions; I suspect there may be a minor issue with the Key "s" to change shade models in the Shade Polygon Mode example composition. For me, it gets hung in Flat Model after the first keying change and I'm unable to revert to Smooth Model. How might I adjust that patch to revert back to Smooth Model?

I'm also not clear how to work the Spline Feedback example. I can get some imagery by adjusting the Power on the Gamma Adjust, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for here. The Vignette is also confusing me a bit. Clarifications?

Thanks again! Very nice release!