Kineme 2D Serial???

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Does anyone know how Kinema sends their serial number when you buy from them? I have the purchase confirmation invoice email for Kineme 2D from Kosada (May 18th, 2012) but can't find the serial number anywhere to reinstall it.

Kineme2D Vector Contains Point has a memory leak

Summary: The "Vector Contains Point" patch of the Kineme2d plugin contains a memory leak when used inside Iterator patch.

Steps to Reproduce: a. Modified the Kineme2D-hittest composition to load 3 vectors using Queue and rendered then inside an Iterator patch.

Expected Results: The composition should run smoothly forever

Actual Results: After sometime, memory size of QC increases and it starts to hang

Regression: I have tested it on both SL and Lion

Notes: None

Bezier Iterate (Composition by gtoledo3)

Author: gtoledo3
License: MIT
Date: 2012.05.20
Compatibility: 10.6
Required plugins:

This composition uses Kineme2D's Bezier Path With Curve and the Grid With Bezier Path. It iterates the Bezier Path With Curve in a way that allows you to subdivide a grid by multiple beziers, and warp along the path.

(This seems to expose a slight counter-intuitive or wrong aspect of Grid With Bezier Path - as the grid is composed of more beziers, UV's shift some. In practice, this isn't a big deal, because the texture scale can be adjusted with Image Texturing Properties.)

This will need Kineme2D and Data Tools. Syphon Server is incidental, but that will be needed to for the composition to fully restore.

Tested in 10.6.

Help with Javascript to transform vector structure triangle into collider triangle structure.

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I made a composition using the Carasuelo Open CV . I use the Convex Hulls structure result of the above patch and transformed into vector with "kineme vector with line structure" patch and then I close the vector with the "Kineme vector close" patch. I scaled the vector with the "Kineme vector transform" and scale it 1 to 1. A this point I use the "Kineme Extrusion with vector" in order to get a structure of triangles that is the result of the extrusion of the shape coming out from the Carasuelo. The structure result is suitable for a GL Triangle structure render. My goal is to feed this structure into a Kineme collider triangle but the point is that the structure result is made by member that contain 6 elements, 3 of that are the XYZ position of every vertex of the triangles, while the collider needs a one dimensional array with the xyz position of every vertex. I don't have any clue in how to write a java script that convert the structure I have as a result of the vector transformation in a structure suitable for the collider patch. Please see the two type of structures in the jpg attached. The struct vector jpg is the type of structure that needs to be transformed into the type of structure of the struct collider jpg. Does some one can help me ? THX


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This composition uses Kineme 2D, Kineme Audio Tools, v002 Rutt Etra 3.0 [beta] & an embedded custom patch, Random HSL.

vector-morph - Work in Progress from cybero on Vimeo.

A Syphon recorded rendering of an experimental Kineme 2D processing chain , rendered in image and fed into a v002 Rutt Etra patch.

The audio providing much of the morphic , resampled noise vector lines is another Magic Garageband mix down of Slow Blues.